Saturday, December 29, 2012

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

A year in a blink of an eye

A look back on this year: I have been having a hard time getting back into blogging this year.  I find myself going for the Facebook short cut to document my daily/weekly going ons.  I have been taking less and less pictures with my nice Canon D7 and reaching for my handy dandy iphone.  I have been less of a foodie and more of a quick fix kinda gal.  Time seems to be speeding up on me and my days are becoming a bit of a blur. I think it's time to put on the brakes and getting back to savoring each day.  I am going to start by  making a collage of my iphone pics from this year.

Fuzzy wuggle slippers!
Just a swingin'
Welcome to Moe's!

rescued a baby squirrel 

Girl time

Mommy's desert

Big girl time 
little girl time


Not an iphone picture,  Thanks Terra 

Terra time
Movie night

Wii with daddy


Skype with daddy


more desert
Be my valentine


Manatee watching
Mochi ice-cream


Nana time

Family game night

Just monkeying around

Papaw's 18th birthday, I mean 81st!
The only time Hailey lets me hug her. LOL

Mommy time
UNO! I win.

Surfer Girl

Card night: game: I doubt it.

Daddy's Back

Lightning Bugs in North Carolina

yes, more desert :)

Sushi any one?
yes please!

Japanese steak house with Amber and Gage

Wet N' Wild

The making of rock candy

Random stray dog that came to visit us one night.

Ella turns 12!
Somebody stop her!

Road trip to Alabama
Mother and D.D.

Amber and Pop
Hailey read this whole book in the car! 
Ella and Maddy

Disney day with all the girls

Amber with a hot oil treatment in her hair and making homemade deodorant 

Mommy's a mummy
Robert as Mitt Romney w/ Mimi

Hailey: Sugar skull, Ella: Vampire, and Amber: Candy corn witch.
Happy Halloween